Panda Express Survey Promo Code

Panda Express Survey Promo Code – Step-by-step Guide for Redeeming

The ideal way to receive benefits from Panda Express is to create your own account for the site. Regular visitors of the Panda Express website can receive promotional codes such as “TASTY”, “SAVE”, or other words and symbols to redeem coupons and special offers from the site or the store.

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Viewing your last catering order details is possible for quicker and easier new transaction. There are Panda Express promo codes in several sites and you can subscribe to newsletters to receive offers through email. The promo code discounts range from $3 to $5 for your order. Here is how you can access Panda Express and use the Promo Codes.

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Panda Express survey Promo Code

There are no buttons for registering on the Panda Express website. Simply go to the website and scroll down. This link will redirect you to the sign up page:

  1. Once you find the form, fill it out with your name, active e-mail, birthday, and other information needed.
  2. Click the Order Now button then pick the first option for individual orders. Next, sign in to your account.
  3. Make sure to provide you location before ordering. Use the Promo Codes from other websites during checkout. Right now, “SWEET” gives you $3 discount.
  4. The Orange Chicken and Chow Mein add-ons is the last step before you checkout. Enter SWEET on the Promo Code box beside the total payment field.
  5. Click Apply before you checkout. Your $10 order will turn $7 or your $20 will turn $17. If you do not click Apply, your payment will not be discounted.

The Promo Codes only work for people with accounts in their website. Delivery is not available, so take note of the time and place to pick up your order.

Panda Express is also offering free bottled drinks for Family Feast orders on Orange chicken, teriyaki chicken, Chow Mein, and others. Since this order is for four people (two large sides, three sides of protein, etc.), you get four free bottles, too! Some people take advantage of the freebies while others just love eating Panda Express food, so they order the Family Feast and keep the left-overs on the fridge for next day’s meal.