Why Go for Panda Express Catering

Why You Should Choose Panda Express Catering

Birthday parties, promotion celebrations, and other occasions call for lots of foods. Look no further than Panda Express Catering for providing your guests great Chinese food. Aside from the delicious array of chicken, beef, side dishes, and appetizers, you know you are not spending too much because all meals from Panda Express are inexpensive. Here are the reasons why Panda Express Catering tops the long list of options for catering services.


Are they licensed to offer services?

The license to operate should be the first concern of customers. In 1983, Panda Express opened its first restaurant in Glendale, California and has since then survived through all these years Panda Express has been around for so long, so they have taken care of everything from food quality, services, and license. The real evidence of their excellence in the field is their existence today, which would not be if they provided poor services and food. Plenty of Chinese restaurants have closed because of failure to maintain food quality and food safety. Majority of restaurants close before their third year in the business while there is 90% chance of failing in the first year. Panda Express has succeeded with providing the necessary factors of an excellent restaurant. They are as follows:

  • High Quality Customer service
  • Fresh and delicious food
  • Varied and affordable meals
  • Welcomes suggestions from customers
  • Hiring staff according to standards
  • Involvement of owners in service developments
  • Avoiding mistakes in expenditures


Are their options affordable?

When choosing catering services for a certain occasion, the first considerations should be the food quality. If you are not convinced that this is the real deal-breaker for caterings, think about having to apologize to your guests as they look for the nearest exit after eating the food—the worst case scenario is sending them to the washroom after eating bad food.

To ensure the food quality, you need to find a cook who will be able to provide delicious meals, great services, and coordination without asking for higher pay. This allows you to save money for other expenses or to provide more food to your guests on the occasion you will be hosting without having to shell out more cash.

Trust that even a small budget for catering services will receive the best services from Panda Express Catering. Of course, you budget wouldn’t go as low as $20 for many people. The following are their rates:

12-16 People

2 Party Tray Sides, 2 Party Tray Entrees + Fortune Cookies = $99.00 only.

18-22 People

3 Party Tray Sides, 3 Party Tray Entrees + Fortune Cookies  = $139.00 only.

26-30 People 

4 Party Tray Sides, 4 Party Tray Entrees + Fortune Cookies  =  $179.00 only.

Meals options for Entrées:

Pacific Chili Shrimp ($52.00), Grilled Teriyaki Chicken, ($37.00), Orange Chicken ($37.00), Sweet Fire Chicken Breast ($37.00), String Bean Chicken Breast ($37.00), Kung Pao Chicken ($37.00), Mushroom Chicken ($37.00), Black Pepper Chicken ($37.00), Beijing Beef ($37.00), Shanghai Angus Steak ($52.00), Broccoli Beef ($37.00), Honey Walnut Shrimp ($52.00), Mixed Veggies ($13.00), Veggie Spring Roll ($37.00), Chicken Egg Roll ($37.00), Crispy Shrimp ($37.00) and Cream Cheese Rangoon ($29).


Comprehensive Guide to Placing Panda Express Catering Orders

  • The ideal caterer will be able to provide you great food regardless of their size. Choose the right food by knowing their best dishes. It is recommended that you taste their food first before ordering especially if they have a lot of options. After your appointment for tasting, you might change your String Bean Chicken Breast option for Teriyaki Chicken.
  • Use this link to save time trying to access the Panda Express Website’s Catering Services page.
  • Their tagline is order online, pick up, and enjoy. This pertains to the utensils they provide with the services for better serving of guests. Place your order by clicking on “Start your order”
  • It is important that you have an account on their website for faster transactions. You can create your own account by clicking on “Register”. Enter you First name, last name, phone number, e-mail address, and password. Other fields are not required. If you have inquiries, call this number: 866-595-6911. This hotline is for inquiries about registration problems and for reporting service issues.
  • The third option is for catering because the other two are for personal orders. You will be redirected to a page where all Panda Express stores in your area are listed. Lastly, proceed with checkout and payment.


Your last order from Panda Express Catering will be available for viewing. The next time you order, the process will be faster. Through this great Chinese restaurant, you know you will be serving the right food to your guests.

Don’t forget to take the Panda Express Guest Satisfaction Survey at Pandaexpress com Feedback after you visit Panda Express. To know more information about Panda Express Survey, please click http://pandaexpressfeedback.net.